Ken Mavor

ken pic2Ken Mavor moved to St Andrews in 2013 after 10 years at the Australian National University and 6 years at the University of Southern Queensland.  For most of that time Ken has been teaching research methods and statistics and social psychology, but also spent 5 years as the Assessment specialist in the ANU Medical School.  Ken’s PhD (Religious Orientation, Social Identity and Attitudes to Homosexuality) reflects his interest in identity, contested social attitudes, and traditional concerns about prejudice. Ken’s background in computer science and cognitive science led to an interest in social categorisation processes and a focus on the common “data structures” that underpins a wide range of social perception and action, and these themes have played out in both abstract ways and translational settings (such as political action, education and wellbeing).

Ken enjoys the stimulating process of collaboration with a large group of PhD students, and colleagues across the world.

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