Ken presents at BERA2018 on identity and norms effects on approach to learning

Ken had the opportunity to present two studies on discipline social identity, deep learning approaches, peer and instructor norms, and the implications for academic grades. The British Educational Research Association conference is a large and diverse educational conference hosted around the UK each year.

Ken presented two research studies, both of which have now been accepted for publication. The first study focused on integrating two models of the role of discipline social identity and learning approaches, bringing both peer norms, and academic outcomes into the model. See here.

The second study experimentally manipulated instructor norms as well as measuring peer norms, and explored the potential impact when peer and instructor norms are in conflict. See here.

The conference also included a range of other interesting talks relevant to higher-education including research on students estranged from family support, the process of academic teachers taking a scholarly view of educational research, and various papers on student engagement including what attendance means to students, and using an undergraduate research conference to increase engagement. BERA is a very broad-based conference with focus from early childhood right through to higher education, and the mingling of ideas across domains is a great feature of the conference.